The taking action in the community approach for long-term unemployed adults is based on two very important things:

  • The interests, needs and skills of the participants
  • What the community needs or would take an interest in

However, in some cases, ideas come short; we don’t know what to do, no inspiration, game over.

In such cases inspiration might help.

This open document (to be flexibly expanded) does not offer the step-by-step staircase processes leading to accomplishing a mission, but simply lists some useful or useless ideas for what such missions might look like.

The small ideas presented all needs many steps towards completing the mission, and this is what it’s all about.
Some of the ideas might lead to limited outcomes; however, the dynamics produced along the way might very well create energy for further and more substantial missions.
You are invited to play with the ideas, perhaps to describe them further – and indeed to list new ideas…