This simple presentation takes you through the most important progression steps in the capacity building for taking community action. Thus it offers you a clear and direct idea about what kind of capacity is needed to take real-life action – and why the step-by-step approach is needed.


We invited the long-term unemployed of our community to meet. We organised free training courses. Most of the long-term unemployed we invited are experienced and skilled in the field of knitting and fashion (both are very strong fields in our territory).


Fantom identified a local passion for reviving traditional crafts. It is a focus for sharing skills,building confidence and creating social enterprises in a country where there has previously been no appropriate infrastructure for this.


The UK project identifies the strength of local and other communities in the area surrounding Chester University in the old county of Cheshire, including the Wirral.

UK Project Overview Poster

Working with conservationists, community growers, parks friends groups and volunteers to protect local trees in our landscapes. We plan, plant, prune, harvest, advise on the right tree in the right place and warn of threats: new pests, diseases, uncontrolled felling.

Tree Wardens Poster

The skills are being passed on to volunteers and participants in the projects as a focus for meditation or to encourage easy conversations while being creative. The wood was hazel, apple & cedar, from the work in coppicing or pruning.

Spoon making in Dibbinsdale Poster